So here I am… finally the BIG 30 i have been waiting for!!! Woke up feeling the same, nothing exceptional lol, though I hear the knees will soon start to feel weaker, and I will be going to bed earlier HaHa! 😊, well until then its cheers to new beginnings on this end.

First off I want to say a huge thanks to all my friends that travelled all the way to celebrate with me in Malaga, you all are the real MVP…We had an AWESOME time!

I have received several questions & enquiries on how to plan a destination party on a good budget hence today’s post is an insight with useful tips on having a destination party anytime of the year in one of my favourite places in Spain. The weather in Torremolinos is relatively good all year round, its lowest is about 6-7° degrees at night and up to 18° during the day! And yes, this is in the Winter. An absolute delight for those of us that truly experience a very harsh winter.

Chilling by the beach – Torremolinos

Although Torremolinos is quite an unpopular destination, it certainly possesses all the charms to blow your mind on arrival, I bet you! it’s no surprise I chose it, as you must have read my blogpost on the sudden disappearance of my good friend Euni in Malaga– I always find an excuse to go back, just in case a miracle happens and Euni comes back home.

….Well starting from the affordable prices of a standard Bed and Bath, to the homemade cuisines served in beautiful restaurants, and the incredibly blue beautiful beaches, topped with an extensive variety of activities all gloriously wrapped by the calming serenity…Torremolinos is highly recommended trust me!

The easiest way to arrive at Torremolinos is by taking a flight from your location to Malaga  airport and taking a train or cab to Torremolinos. You can book tickets on budget airlines for fair prices ranging from 20 Euros- 90 Euros on average, the cab would cost an extra 20euros, however the train is the cheapest option at just 1.80euros


While in Torremolinos you need somewhere with great facilities to chill out and enjoy the weather, the best place I can confidently recommend is Sol Timor hotel…Guys the pool side and view is amazing, the staff is great, and the restaurant serves great dishes at affordable prices. They make hosting a party easy with Ana the incredible event manager that pays attention to all details! There’s a buffet service available for both dinner and breakfast with lots of varieties at a really at good rate.  Book a stay here

Dinner time at the Sol Timor – Torremolinos


-There’s a long list of things to do depending on the areas of interests of you and your invited guests. For the night life lovers I’ve got my Guy Martin, who’s got the keys to the city, he has the plug for all VVIP events and all night activities needed to create a memorable experience in Malaga and its environs. With Martin there’s no dull vibe at night cos he delivers 100%.

-If you love the sea just like I do then taking a boat cruise is one thing to do while grooving in TorremolinosCostasol Cruceros does it best, and I say this without a shadow of doubt because I have tried several companies in and around Malaga and environs. With Costasol you can bring your own food, music and fun onboard! They even offer you a free drink to welcome you and have a great photographer onboard at your service that helps to capture those remarkable moments at a very good rate as he makes a souvenir out of the photos. Very creative guy. Below are few photos from our boat party on the starfish cruise.


My favourite yaaayyy 😁. So, you are planning that event and not sure of what to serve your guests? well thank me for this top-secret cos he is what we call the “power house”. A Chef on the move irrespective of the location, Chef Alex is the answer! A Graduate from the famous world’s best culinary institute Cordon Bleu, with an extensive experience in both French and intercontinental cuisine (don’t run yet his rates are user friendly provided I recommend you directly). Just tell the chef how you want to feel on that day, and he will cook you that meal to suit your feelings…🙌

On this note friends, suffice it to say that having a destination party is way cheaper than you even expect, but evidently all you need is someone with experience in the game to negotiate and unlock underground deals for you. So be it in Malaga, Santorini, Lisbon, London etc…no party is complete without a touch of BudgetingMyTrip…Just reach out and we will show you the way effortlessly!

That been said, let’s get ready for our next adventure to the French Riviera in May, the biggest weekend there is in the south of France, so you don’t want to miss out as it’s going to be on another level…

P/S Below are the contacts of all those I recommended in the post including our extraordinary photography;

Martin Night Crawling & discotheque- +34622725629

Costasol Cruises – +34952444881

Chef Alex –  +33787266642

Martin Jovchevski Photographer– +420775399455

Sol Timor hotel +34952384300

Cheers friends


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  1. I don’t want to be left out with my review, i was on board with Budgetingmytrip to spain for a well planned birthday weekend ,and to be honest Sarah made my weekend a memorable one. She really made things happen talking accommodation ,hangout,food and on top of it all partying .i hereby recommend anyone to join Sarah and Budgetingmytrip crew for all their upcoming vacation this year 2019 and beyond…Blessup,peace !!!

    1. Thank you so much Kelly, I am happy to hear such a positive feedback from you!

  2. ‘’all you need is someone with experience in the game to negotiate and unlock underground deals for you’’. This is exactly what budgetingmytrip does!! Thanks for an amazing experience in Malaga! Can’t wait for the French Riviera in May 💃🏽💃🏽🎉🎉🎉 you rock! #Periodt!

    1. Thanks for trusting us…May Promises to be mind-blowing!

  3. It was really fantastic .Everything was on point ,the food.,people and what killed me most was the location of the whole was super amazing.Kudos to Sarah and the budgetingmytrip crew for such magnificent exposure.I will highly recommend this to each and everyone .

    1. Very kind to hear Kwad!

  4. I highly recommend budgetingmytrip. Sarah knows how to do it best and Malaga was lit…

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed everything

  5. You’re definitely planning mine. Looks like so much fun and experience to take in.

    1. For sure we gat you!!!

  6. I was very pleased with th trip and felt it was worth going,I gained valuable experience that couldn’t be obtained anywhere else. The trip was very organized and in addition meals and refreshments were extremely on point. 5⭐️

    1. Thanks a lot George!

  7. Had such a great time! I found the sun in the middle of winter and I’m glad for it! Go Sarah!

    1. Thank Mo…😊

  8. This is by far the best organised group tour I’ve been on. Itinerary was super lit. Accommodation was nice. All in all i grade #S30 an A+++. Definitely joining your next trip. Truly BudgetingMyTrip

    1. Thanks so much EA Consult. Looking forward to more collaborations!

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