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Today I will be sharing with you all how to travel on a budget.

Europe…The land of beauty, glitz, glamour, sophistication and Gelato 😊

After watching movies like “from Venice with love” or “Euro trip” or “The English Patient” you can’t help but dream and fantasize about traveling round Europe, living your dream life and maybe finding love…

But then, we all know Europe can be far from cheap. However, the good news is traveling Europe on a budget is very possible, and I am going to share with you first hand tips on how to travel on a budget. From vital links to apps and all you need to know about preparation, flexibility and prudence to enable you explore Europe without breaking the bank.

So, the question of the year is “how on earth do people afford a trip every month?” And the answer is simple…. RESEARCH! They do their homework before, during and after the trip. So read on and learn how to travel on a budget henceforth.

Here is what I have personally put together to help you:


  1. RULE 101– Times and Seasons… travel more during the low season, avoid major holidays or festivals. Preferably travel between October and early April (Except Christmas). During this season several cities in Europe offer all it takes to attract tourist, you could get anything from free meals, to accesses to spa, amazing group deals etc. Flight tickets are also cheaper.
  2. Get the best travel deals– I am constantly tracking travel deals because I have realized that sometimes getting the bomb package (all-inclusive hotel, flight, breakfast, SPA etc.) is way cheaper than separately booking things.  Since I discovered these applications Groupon, Holiday Pirate, Showroom privée and Last minute, my life has not been the same LITERALLY! Just name your destination and there is always a very affordable travel deal awaiting you. The good thing is most packages are 4-star hotels so don’t be afraid of ending up in a dungeon hostel with strangers ha-ha!
  3. Patience PAYS– Trust me, nobody is as patient as me when it comes to buying a flight ticket and, I have come to understand the trick. So, if getting an inclusive travel deal is not your cup of tea, then these miracle Apps will interest you. However, you need patience to track the flight prices. I guarantee it always pays off if you have the right Apps. In fact let me wow you, did you know that this summer tickets went as low as 1euros for flights round Europe? and I kid you not (see images below). I have used, and I am still using the following apps to bag awesome deals on flights. Now that’s how to travel on a budget!

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Hitlist– This is the best App I will recommend for a last minute travel or weekend getaway. There is always something within your range!

  • Secret Flying– As the name implies this App is the best kept secret online. I have seen some deals that almost made me quit my job and start full time travelling but, how will a young girl pay the bills Alors? Lol…recently I took advantage of a few deals and just look at the attractive prices below. One top secret is that this app also informs you about error fares, refuelling tickets etc. So it’s constantly non-stop mind-blowing deals. They also have price drops for business class tickets and, amazing prices for tickets from Europe to several destinations abroad (North America, Africa etc.)
  • Hopper Best watcher App I have ever seen and, it gives you predictions of price drops. With those predictions you save a lot of money and time by buying at the exact hour prices drop.
  • SkipLagged & Kayak What I love about this App is the fact that confused and indecisive travelers like myself can see a full price list of the cost of going anywhere. Just put in your dates and voila!
  • Omio, Rome2rio and Bus radar– For road travel by bus or train these Apps give you guaranteed rates. My trick is checking them and going directly to the company website to compare the prices

*HACKS – Get yearly membership cards on airlines like wizzair, volatea etc. It saves you a lot. Avoid buying flight tickets during the weekend (Friday to Monday). From my little experience comparing prices, it is clear that prices drop during the week and during the weekend when people are free to plan holidays prices rise. Secondly, if the city you reside in does not have a flight deal, checking for a neighbouring city’s airport can bag you the deal. Personally, I can even go all the way to Congo and fly if it saves me money periodttt! On a serious note though, most times, a city just 2hours away can have a deal that saves you 300 euros so shine your eyes friends. Below are a few flight deals I have found using these apps.

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  1. Choose your battles wisely- Listen up guys, if you’ve got a friend in a city you are visiting, cheapest option is swallow your pride and ask to be their guest! However, if you are open to meeting new people and socializing, couchsurfing is an alternative for free lodging. There is also worldpackers, but that’s if you are willing to volunteer in exchange for free accommodation. For hotel lovers I have good news for y’all…. Over the years, I discovered a trick that has never failed me. Last minute booking! Having worked as a front desk hotel receptionist, combined with first hand personal experiences from traveling, I can tell you that a hotel would rather drop the price to get someone to occupy a room, than leave it empty.

Here are the best Apps I use to track last minute hotel price drops;

  • Hotel tonight– Sometimes it seems like magic but guys you can find some incredible last minute deals on this app.
  • Secret escapes This app is for the good life fellows. On days you want to experience extreme luxury for a cheap price, think no more just go to secret escape.

*HACKS– Sometimes choosing an accommodation a bit farther from the city doesn’t just cost less but comes with some freebies to attract clients (spa, wellness, gym etc.) Lastly, there is nothing wrong with staying in a hostel, there are usually a few descent hostels in major European cities and you certainly will get to meet other travelers like yourself. The most recommended hostel App is Hostelworld.

2.  FEEDING your soul– Finding great food while travelling is a strategic endeavor. But the logic is as simple as ABC. Lodging in somewhere with a kitchen to prepare your meals saves you money if you are travelling on a budget. But then again, what is a vacation without the food? It is very important to experience a city through its cuisine which is why I present these wonderful apps to you, so you enjoy good meals but on a budget.

  • Groupon For everything I go straight to Groupon. There are always amazing restaurant deals that can save you money
  • Tripadvisor– I feel like I am even in a relationship with this app. If trip advisor doesn’t give me a good priced recommendation then I’m cooking my thing. Fortunately, trip advisor has never disappointed me, such a great Boo.
  • Zommato & Eatwith– Amazing apps for finding restaurants &culinary experiences with the menus displayed.


Take Advantage! Do you know you can visit several attractions in Europe for free? From Museums, to cathedrals and historical attractions. In addition, even paid attractions have discounts for young people or students so all you need to do is ask them on arrival.

For tours, I recently tried the free walking tour and it was AMAZING. What a better way to see a city. At the end of the tour you just leave a tip. If you are traveling on a budget take advantage of free walking tours with companies like Or better still download free tour app, it’s the best and most recommended app for free tours.

To wrap up, here are just some additional apps that generally help you save money and control spending as you have seen how to travel on a budget;

Money Manager

XE Currency

Trail wallet

As I always say, cheap travel does not mean bad travel, it simply means I do my homework properly for each trip!

Get to planning and let me know what works for you as you now have all it takes to travel on a budget.

Sarah D.

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  2. Quite informative and fun to read at the same time.

    Are most of the recommendations tailored only to Europe?

    I had used couchsurfing one and it was a pleasant experience.

    1. Ma chérie thanks for reading. Most of the apps and recommendations work globally. For the apps just filter it to your location and voilà! ❤️

  3. This is very informative!

  4. Thanks a lot for this awesome post! I can’t wait to start living the champagne life on a zobo budget! 💃

  5. This is quite informative and rich.
    Welldone Sarah!
    Time to put some of these to work from my next travels across Europe😁.

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