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How to make money to Travel.

How to make money to Travel.

Hey Guys,

So, today I want you to see me as a GENIE… Yes, I am about to make all your dreams come true. At least the travel dreams! Well the questions just don’t stop.- How can I travel and still pay my bills? How do I afford a vacation? Is it possible to travel and still save money? Blah…
Dear students, workers and basically anyone who needs a little extra cash to take a vacation, I am here to tell you exactly how you can make money to explore the world. I have compiled a list of very useful and functional links that you can use to get extra money, and possibly save before, during and after your trip. I am talking tested and trusted ways that I have personally used/still using and guys they work! I have even attached some proof  so you know I am talking from experience.
While majority of my tips work like magic, and you start cashing out right away, for some, you need to be willing to start slowly. Some may require a little investment on your part at the initial stage but trust me it is always worth it. And hey, you get to truly become a citizen of the world, what could be better.

Read on and wear the shoe that fits…


Under this category, you will find links you can sign up and start making money. You get paid from using your skills to provide services, renting your property, or even selling off irrelevant things in your wardrobe etc.

a. VINTED – When I was relocating, I realised I had so much stuff I did not need. I decided to try this app. In 5 weeks, I sold off several irrelevant items and made more than 350 euros. That paid for flight tickets to visit Austria and Italy…lol. So, time to get rid of all irrelevant stuff in your wardrobe and make some money while at it. Peep a history of my items sold below 😊. Start selling here what are you waiting for?

A few items from my Vinted wardrobe


b. AIRBNB  In 2016, as a student I sponsored most travels from Airbnb. As you can see from the image below, I made more than 2000euros! Airbnb is one of the most practical ways to make money. It’s simple! The days you are travelling, another tourist can also be staying at your home. That way you are making money to cover your expenses. If you are not a fan of renting out your flat, then you can also list an activity on Airbnb. What activity can you offer tourists that are visiting your city? A hot African dish? Dance classes? Cultural activities? Think, think and think!!! Start hosting here

Airbnb payout 2016!


c. FIVERR– The world’s famous market place! When I was a student, I was so smart I wrote papers for other students on fiverr and made good money…ha-ha. Yes, I don’t just travel and enjoy. I am also a smarty pant lol…That been said, on fiverr you can sell any service and make cool money. Time to channel your skills to something that pays. Sign up here

31 fiverr orders completed!

d. FLIPKEY – I’m sure we all know Trip advisor and how powerful they are in the travel world. Well Flipkey is basically Trip advisor’s home rental site. If you want fast cash, you can list your homes on this site and you are sure to attract a lot of tourists.

e. UDEMY – Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge? Then Udemy is the place to secure that bag. On this site you can teach anything and help people learn new skills and advance their skills.

f. UPWORK – One of the biggest platforms for freelancers. With millions of clients, there are more than enough job posts to keep you busy as a freelancer. Sign up for free, bid for clients and do the job…voila!

g. SOFTWARE TESTER– Why waste your time surfing the net for free when you can get paid to do it? Basically, you get paid between 10-20 dollars for each bug you detect on a website. Most sites don’t require any certifications just follow the instructions to be able to identify and report bugs. Here is a list of sites to get started.


Whether it’s a long vacation to visit family or a short trip to recharge, most times while travelling we all wish there was a way to still get paid while we spend. In this category, I will share links that can help you find part time or short-term jobs while travelling. These jobs can be done by almost everyone (locals and foreigners).

a. ANGLOINFO – On this site you can find quick job listings in several categories under the classified section. From a quick weekend job to a few hours per day. The site is a very useful site for expats abroad as it offers helpful information for English speakers living abroad
b. TEFL JOBS – (Teach English as a Foreign Language)- If you love to teach and travel then this is your passport to the world. TEFL is one sure way to travel abroad for free and make money, however you will need to possess a TEFL Qualification.(120 hours online training). And afterwards you can travel and teach. While I was still a student, I got TEFL certified on which cost around 300 euros in 2016. Opportunities are numerous in Asia, South America and Europe which offer packages with flights, accommodation, and vacation days to explore. You can find opportunities on ,, and many more sites.
In addition, Diverbo offers free holidays for English speakers willing to spend a week socializing with foreigners in Spain or Germany to help them practice their English language skills. However, you will need to pay for your flights, but accommodation is free.

My TELF Cert!

c. CRUISE SHIP STAFF – I love the sea! What better way to explore the world for free via sea than working on a cruise ship? Life on the yachts with the rich and famous definitely is the dream life. Good thing is most yacht companies even sponsor your visa to anywhere in the world and the salary is really good. You will need some form of certification that cost about 100 dollars, a friend of mine got certified with Super Yatch School…I am strongly considering taking a sabbatical year for this experience lol.

d. SKI RESORT STAFF– During the winter several ski resorts hire staff for basically every position open at the resort. This comes with a descent pay, housing, food, insurance and of course access to the ski area always has listings on their site.

Guys admit it, I was very generous with the information on today’s post wasn’t I? Now you have no excuse to spend your days off complaining. Get to work, travel and see the world.


Sarah D.

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