Hey friends,
Do you smell the jollof rice already?? Christmas is upon us and all i’m doing is enjoy my life…no holding back on all my cravings! Time to eat, relax and play Santa Sarah! haha.
So I will go straight to the point on today’s post as i’m pretty sure we all got christmassy stuffs to do lol.
I have been asked by several people what i want for Christmas so i thought to dignify that question with a blog post. My Beloved family and friends, please I do not really want your gifts so keep it or give it to the needy, its the season of giving after all! 
…So, in a world full of so many “Hypocrites” and “Fake well wishers”, all I want from you this Christmas is your “genuine support”. I’d rather have 10 people I can count on than 100 people faking it…
As an extrovert and a very open minded person, I have been lucky enough to build friendships with quite a bunch of people around the world, unfortunately this attribute comes with so many setbacks as I end up trusting people so much with the intent that they are just like me. Having made/still making sacrifices, rooted for friends/families and supported people in countless ways that cannot be measured, sadly in the real world sometimes the same people your were cheering for will not be the ones to cheer you when its your turn.
Suffice it to say that whatever good deeds or sacrifices made for family/friends has been with absolutely no expectation in return so it doesn’t take me by surprise when the people I expect the most to support me do not. 
I started my blog exactly 2 months ago from today, It’s been such an eye opener seeing how I literally have to plead with some friends to support me. Little things that I took for granted now serve as lessons to me that people will only support & encourage you when they have something to gain from you!!! 
This post is not a call out to anyone as I am also not perfect, but just a subtle reminder that we are all in this together…we will all succeed and WIN together provided we genuinely support each other in this thing called LIFE! So on that note, make that decision today to sincerely support me or any other person you know that is taking baby steps to pursue their dreams. 
Breaking news is that even if you don’t encourage them, their destiny will still be fulfilled as nothing depends on you and your negative energy…😊.
Guys, as we wrap up the year, I urge you to be a better friend, cousin, parent, sister, spouse, colleague & brother. Let your smiles, prayers/wishes be real and your heart be joyful for others, spread love and openly support YOUR OWN! it cost NOTHING to celebrate people while they are alive rather than in death!
P/S Thank you to all those strangers around the 18 countries I see reading my blog post each week and supporting me…y’all are the real MVP!!! 💗
Cheers to a New Year ahead! And yes the winner of the free trip to Malaga, Spain will be announced on the 31st dec.

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  1. Hi there, I enjoy reading through your post. I like to
    write a little comment to support you.

  2. Happy Holidays to you my dear Sarah… Next year we are blossoming 🤗

    1. Oh yes definitely my dear 2019 we ready!!! ✌🏾💪🏾

  3. I’m in

  4. Merry Christmas my sister!! Cheers to record breaking 2019! #wemoveregardless!! Everywhere Stewwwww

    1. Oh I miss you oh! Yes oh #WEMOVEREGARDLESS!!! Do you believe I forgot my passport and travelled again 🤣😂🤣.

      1. You’re kidding me!..😱
        You sailed through this time I guess…lol

  5. Merry Xmas sis… Wish we could all spend this Xmas together.
    Don’t worry about people. Jst do what u do best n God will uplift u. Much love……

    1. Merry Christmas my dear sister. Miss you. 💕💙❤️. And thank you for the words of encouragement always. 😘

  6. Merry Christmas to you sarah

  7. Merry Christmas to you my sister, have fun 😁

  8. Merry Christmas Sarah, may this season give us the perfect opportunity to reflect on it’s true purpose which is love beyond all, and may we all be better people.

    1. Amen amen and amen! Wish you a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year my dear. 💕

  9. 😉 Wishing you a merry Christmas 🎄 and a Prosperous New Year… Bon année et Bon santé

    1. Merci beaucoup “Someone” 🤗. Wish you the same 💙❤️

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