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Travel experiences don’t leave you bankrupt… lack of correct and usable information does.

Our stories wouldn’t be complete without first flashing back to those nights spent circling out travel expenses from our bank statements and reflecting on all other alternatives those funds could have been spent on.

Admit it, we all aspire to live the good life, to go further, to experience it all, yet we’re held back by cost and fear factors that are sometimes as huge as those aspirations themselves.Β 

What if we could share our travel insights with you, help you break new grounds and demystify travel experiences so we can all live our best lives?

Curated by travel enthusiasts with over 30 years of collective travel experiences across 67 countries yet still curios about discovering the world through their next adventure, Budgeting My Trip believes in the power of sharing and co-creation and we push this belief by helping everyday people plan their own solo trips or group experiences.

We also understand that not all travel stories have happy endings;Β  there are huddles, visa struggles and regular surprises. All these experiences contribute to making life an adventure with great stories and tips to share! We hope you’ll enjoy them and as well learn a thing or two.

Leveraging our collective experiences, we provide bulletproof itineraries on destination events, private parties, business travel, exhibitions, group excursions, honeymoons and ceremonies ! Suffice is to say we enjoy anything that involves helping people create happy life time memories…

Do checkout our upcoming experiences and tag along or you could plan your own trip using our trusted resources or even request a custom itinerary.

Sarah & Obinna

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